Combine Picture Frames and Jewelry to Create Beautiful Wall Art

Buying art is nice, but art can even be nicer and more meaningful if you make it yourself. Or if it is made by a person you hold dear. Have you seen how parents fawn over seemingly meaningless doodles just because they were made by their kids?

One of the easiest art DIYs you can make in your home is using a combination of picture frames and jewellery to create beautiful wall art. This can be as simple as encasing a beautiful necklace inside a nice frame or more complex like using several items – rings, bracelets, necklaces – to create a shape or diagram.

For the best frames for this project, the Desenio online shop is your best bet. They have a huge collection of fast-moving, stylish frames and more designs coming in every day. The frames vary in colour (white, black, etc) and material (oak, dark oak, metal, copper etc). Desenio stocks them in different sizes to suit varying preferences.

If you are more creative, you could grab a brush and paint to add a bit of detail to your frame and jewel art. For instance, you could paint a face and decorate it with actual earrings, necklaces or studs. There really is no limit to your imagination. It gets even better: you do not have to use your treasured jewellery for this project. Instead, you can take the chance to use old or spoilt items in your closet to good use.

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