Diamonds are known as the purest gemstones in the world. This is because they are made from one element, carbon. People born in April will have the diamond as their birthstone. The gem is also used to signify and celebrate both the 10th and 60th anniversaries of married couples. However, diamonds have a much broader appeal in valuable jewellery. People wear them on special and formal occasions.

The first known discovery of these gems dates back to 500 BC in India. They were named “diamond”, a word which has Greek origins. It means an unconquerable, eternal love. Therefore, it is no surprise that the jewel is regularly given to romantic partners.

Ever since the days of Ancient Greece, diamonds have been turned into jewellery to signify love between couples. People during this period believed that diamonds came from either the stars or were lightning bolts in crystallised form. In modern times, we now know that they are actually formed over time underground from pressurised carbon. Some of the most expensive examples of jewellery are made from gem-grade diamonds. They appeal to customers thanks to their unique light reflecting properties.

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