Jewellery Photography

When selling jewellery using an online store, the business owner will need to provide enticing pictures of their products. Making these items look aesthetically pleasing is very important as it will directly affect sales. Ideally, it is best to hire a professional. However, if this is too expensive, then the person taking the pictures should bear several things in mind.

As the eye needs to be drawn to the jewellery, it should be on a plain white background. The lighting will look best if it is both natural and bright. Using the flash is often not the best idea.

The camera should be set on a tripod to keep the picture level and still. A DSLR camera will give a high-quality image and allow the user to take as many shots as they need. The digital pictures can then be easily uploaded onto the online store.

Jewellery photographers will often use adhesives, such as glue dots and double-sided tape, to position the products in an ideal pose. However, if these are seen in the shot, then they will need to be digitally removed later using picture editing software.

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