The Importance of Trends

If you want your jewellery business to remain relevant, then it is vital that you are always aware of the latest trends. The world of fashion is ever-changing. Different styles may be popular one day, but this is only temporary. Customers will always want to buy jewellery that reflects new trends.

This means that manufacturers will have to regularly update their designs so that they can stay current. If they continue to make the exact same products every season, then they run the risk of appearing dated. This can seriously damage a brand.

Sometimes, it is difficult to know precisely what is currently “in”. There is also the danger of finding out too late and creating a product which is out of date before it hits the market. Therefore, designers should read fashion magazines and carefully analyse the images. This will help them get an idea of what is “in” and what is “out”.

Another useful method is to go to fashion shows. Rather than looking at the dresses, the designer should focus on the types of jewellery which are being worn.

Jewellery Trends of 2019

Trends will change throughout the year; however, we can already see that certain types of jewellery are currently being favoured. For instance, faux pearls are on the rise, not just in necklaces but also earrings. Gold link bracelets have also increased in popularity. Mismatched earrings which give an asymmetrical profile are starting to become trendy. Heart shapes and primary colours are being favoured by younger people.

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