Jewelry for Shoe Wear

There are all kinds of ways to use jewelry. It has really gone beyond its traditional uses. This is good news for those who have a passion for jewelry as well as those who like to make it. One very innovative way that jewelry is now being used is for the adornment of footwear.

Taking Care Of The Footwear

The type of jewellery that can be designed for footwear varies. It can be made so it become permanently attached to the shoes. Or another alternative is that it can be constructed as a clip on. This way one pair of shoes can take on many different looks. Just by adding a new piece of jewellery to it no matter what the style of the footwear is.

The trend is that any type of shoe can be worn to almost any type of event. If going to the trouble of making this kind of jewellery it means that the shoes must be kept in their best condition. This means making sure they are stored correctly when not in use. One of the best items to allow for this is a quality made shoe rack that is designed to hold several pairs of shoes. In fact, your shoes may even need to be protected from curious animals.

Best Uses for a Shoe Rack

You may find that while wearing your shoes with the added jewellery that you may have to remove them during the time you are wearing them. For example, when you enter someone’s home where you are required to remove your shoes. In many cases, they end up on the floor among other shoes where they may get damaged. If there is a shoe rack available, then putting the shoes on this is going to keep them safe from damage.

Another good place to use a shoe rack aside from your front door is in your closet. This is a great way of being able to keep your shoes organised and off the floor. It doesn’t just protect shoes that have been embellished with jewellery but all types of shoes.


There are different options of this type of item to choose from. There are those that can stand on the floor. Then other option are shoe shelves. For convenience in moving them, some can be folded up so they are compact.

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