Vintage Jewellery and Its Value

There are undoubtedly many different forms of jewellery, but one that many form a fascination with is vintage jewellery. Those who do, each have their own reasons for doing so. Some are attracted to owning vintage pieces to wear with their outfits. Others want to try and create this form of jewellery by repurposing old pieces. No matter what the reason, there is no doubt that vintage jewellery has its value. Perhaps not in a monetary type of way but for personal reasons.

Vintage vs Antique Jewellery

A common mistake that is made by some jewellery lovers is the distinction between antique and vintage jewellery. If one knows the age of the piece, then it is easy to discern between the two categories. Technically, in the jewellery industry, for a piece of jewellery to be considered vintage, it has to be made between fifty and one hundred years ago. For the piece to fall into the antique category, it has to have been made a minimum of 100 years ago.

Restored Pieces

It is not uncommon for a person to have a piece of vintage jewellery restored. However, for it to retain its vintage status, it must possess at least 50% of its originality. This is very important for the owner to know, if the vintage category is essential to them.

Monetary Value

Not every piece of vintage jewellery will have a high monetary value to it. However, these are often pieces of jewellery that are handed down through the generations. This creates an intense personal value for many of the recipients of these pieces of jewellery. Some pieces fall into the vintage costume jewellery category. For these, it must be decided by an expert as to the actual monetary value, which will depend on its various components.

Overall, anyone who is fortunate enough to own a piece of vintage jewellery will find it to be a valuable possession even if it is just based on the beauty of the piece, especially if it is in good shape. It never hurts to get the piece appraised to determine its monetary value.

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