Princess Diana Jewellery

There have been very few figures in modern British culture who have been as beloved by the public as the late Princess Diana. She was often called the “People’s Princess” and the “Queen Of Hearts”. Despite separating from Prince Charles and technically no longer royalty, she still had the support of the general public.

When she was killed in a Paris collision in 1997, it shocked the nation. There was a tremendous public outpouring of grief. No other death in living memory has had such a devastating effect on the country. It is no surprise then that her 18-carat sapphire engagement ring is considered to be so precious.

Surprisingly it originally was valued at a mere £45000. Despite being relatively cheap for such an iconic item, it has now risen in value thanks to its history. Unlike similar pieces of royal jewellery, it is not kept in storage but is still being worn today. Kate Middleton was given the ring to wear when she became engaged to Diana’s son, Prince William. This has now made it one of the most significant pieces of royal jewellery ever made.

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