Types of Jewellery

Jewellery has been worn by human beings for as long as time has been recorded. Over the centuries, a wide range of jewellery types has been developed. The best ones have endured, and continue to be worn by people of the modern world.


A standard brooch is designed to be attached to the clothes of a person. Sometimes, they even hold these garments closed, serving the same purpose as a fastening button. Brooches have existed since the Bronze Age, and are used by archaeologists to determine the chronological dates of sites. Over the years, brooches were worn to signify wealth and status.


Cufflinks are used to attach and secure the cuffs of formal shirts. This tends to be done using a toggle to keep the link in position. The front section of the cufflink tends to be decorated by a precious material, such as a gem or metal.


A tiara is worn on the head and is usually sparkly in appearance. They are reserved for special occasions and formal affairs. Beauty contests will often give a tiara to the winner. Due to their bejewelled nature, higher-end tiaras can be worth a significant amount of money.

Tie Clips

A tie clip is an accessory which attaches a tie to the shirt underneath it. This stops any swinging of the tie and ensures that it hangs straight. This results in a much neater appearance. Tie clips are often seen in workplaces such as offices. There has recently been a steady increase in the number of clips that are personalised and given as gifts.


Rings tend to be worn on the finger and can have very symbolic purposes. For instance, wedding rings are used to signify the enduring love of the wearers. Other times, a finger ring will merely be worn for aesthetic reasons.


To wear a piercing, the person must first modify a part of their body, often by penetrating the skin. Earrings are the most common type of piercing. There are also more unusual forms such as the tongue, belly button and eyebrow.


Bracelets are worn on the wrist and can be decorated with charms. Some serve more than a decorative purpose. For instance, medical bracelets can be used in emergency situations, to inform paramedics of important information about the patient.


These are worn on the neck and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Tighter ones will have a clasping mechanism on each end so that the necklace can close into a round shape. Often these clasps are hidden behind the neck. Necklaces are one of the most commonly seen types of jewellery. This is undoubtedly due to their high level of versatility.

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